Weekend Recap

Wow! Monday was a crazy day. I left the house around 7:30 am and didn’t get back until 10:30 pm. I imagine my kids were wondering if I’d gone out of town or something…

We spent this weekend with my family in Oklahoma City. Had a great time.

Here’s some of the highlights:

Friday night, Andrea and I went to the Aranda CD Release Party. You may recall that I told you about Aranda last week. Although I’ve stayed aware of them over the years, I’d never heard or seen them before last week. Their live show was incredible! These guys are scary talented with the kind of tight vocals that you only get with siblings. I’m now officially on the bandwagon. I’ve seen very few live shows that were as good as Friday night. They generally involved expensive tickets and extensive stage production. Aranda doesn’t need that. Their talent and personality make them a must-see. I’ll let you know next time they’re heading to Wichita.

Saturday night, we went to see my niece, Anna’s, ballet recital. Friday night it was rock and roll; Saturday it was The Sleeping Beauty ballet. She was very cute in her tutu.

Sunday morning was the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. The last several years, my dad has put together a relay team for the marathon. My wife wasn’t able to run her leg this year due to a healing stress fracture in her foot. So my 6 year-old daughter, Jada, stepped up and ran a 3.2 mile leg. (That’s 5 kilometers for our non-U.S. readers.) We were very proud of her. The Burgess team ranged in age from my daughter to my 77 year-old grandmother who has been training for months so she could walk a 3.2 mile leg. My sister’s husband, Mike, completed his first half-marathon. And another brother-in-law, Scott, completed his first marathon along with his brother Todd. OKC really puts on a heck of an event. It’s a lot of fun. Did I mention that I hate running?

Sunday afternoon was my nephew’s birthday party. Chance turns the big 4 this week!

We arrived back home in Wichita about 7:30 Sunday – completely worn out.


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