Share-it Saturday, April 26

Happy Saturday! Here is this week’s collection of interesting things I stumbled across this week. Bon appetit!

  • Great Freakonomics post about TV Weather forecast accuracy.
  • Kinetic Church in N.C. invites the person who stole their trailer to attend their church. Be sure to click on the link to the billboards that they put up around town. After having 75% of the equipment for their portable church stolen, Kinetic Church reacts in interesting ways.
  • Tony Morgan wrote a great article about “10 Stupid Leadership Mistakes” for Church Solutions Magazine.
  • Funny video from Fee’s blog about trying out for the band.
  • Does your church have a gear swiper? GracePoint goes through XLR cables like crazy. No idea where they go…
  • The mystery visitor from the Wichita Eagle visited GracePoint. Read the article in today’s paper.
  • 22 Qualifications for Church Sound Engineers courtesy of Thoughts of a Worshipper.

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