Debut album from Aranda

Aranda released their debut album yesterday, and I highly recommend it. Lots of guitar-driven rock, great hooks, great vocals. You name it – it’s got it. “Whyyawannabringmedown” is one of the best song titles that I’ve seen lately. “All I Ever Wanted” is probably my favorite song on the album. My only complaint is that there’s no mandolin to be found. 🙂

If you’re interested, there is a CD release party Friday night at The Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. Andrea and I are headed to OKC for the weekend, and we’re thinking about going. For those of you up here in Wichita, they’ll be playing Loft 150 on May 9 and 10.

Most of you have probably never heard of Aranda. Brothers Dameon and Gabe Aranda, hail from Oklahoma City and have been a musical force in the area for quite a while.

Last summer, they were in the top 5 of Lollapalooza’s Last Band Standing. Aranda placed first in the online votes, but Shockstars ended up winning.

And on a personal note, these guys lived right behind me when I was little. It’s probably been 25 years since I last talked to them. I remember going over to their house when I was 5 or 6, and pretending to be the Beatles as we sang and played air guitar and drums along to a record.

Anyway… go download the album off itunes! You won’t regret it.


One Response to Debut album from Aranda

  1. Eric says:

    You are right….this band is AMAZING!!!! Definitely one of the best albums of 2008. You guys deserve a Grammy.

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