Salvation is Here poll results

Well – I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the turnout for the Salvation is Here Reader Poll. Thank you to Brian, Terry, and Michelle (Kevin’s better half) for taking the time to comment.

The overwhelming response to the poll, the email discussion that lead to the poll, and verbal conversations was that Salvation is Here is a favorite worship song.

I also really like the song. (After all, I was the one that put the song in the lineup after suggestions from Amy and Michelle). But I wasn’t convinced that it was a great song for congregational worship/singing.

As I mentioned, GracePoint has used the song twice now on Sunday mornings. On the first Sunday, I was out in the congregation and I thought it was a little hard to sing along to if you weren’t familiar with it – particularly the bridge. Two members of the band have also mentioned to me the song doesn’t feel “tight” yet.

However, the last time that Salvation is Here was used, April 6th, we got a lot of positive feedback about the worship music. And you’ve seen some of the feedback that this a favorite of several people. Also the song is used frequently in a lot of churches, so it must be good right?

And perhaps the most compelling evidence that we need to keep it around, Jeff absolutely rocks the bass solo.! He discovered that Youtube has several videos teaching the bass solo, including one from Hillsong United’s bass player Tenni.

So in conclusion, I think the song needs to stick around.


4 Responses to Salvation is Here poll results

  1. Kevin says:

    Something to keep in mind, I once heard Darlene Zcheck (however you spell her last name…) say that they played the same worship song TONS of times in worship until people would finally tell them to do new songs.

    All that to say, doing a song twice probably isn’t enough to determine whether or not to continue with it. Of course, there are always those songs that, after you’ve done them a time or two, you know you want to toss.

    I remember we use to do Salvation is Here when we led worship and I didn’t like it (Michelle did). But, it grew on everyone since Michelle kept putting it in the lineup and it became a favorite of mine (I like playing it on the guitar now).

    But, if we’ve only done the song twice on Sunday, that means most GP attendees have only heard the song twice. Which then means, they won’t start joining in for a time or two more when they feel like the song is familiar. I would guess many of our attenders don’t have a Hillsongs or United CD. They may or may not listen to Air 1 or WAY FM (do they play that song??)… so these songs are brand new to most people and it always takes a while to become familiar with songs.

    My two cents… keep it in… it’s good!

  2. mandoron says:

    Excellent point Kevin! I guess the trick is knowing how many times to try a new song before you give up on it.

    Unless the song was an absolute trainwreck the first time, you certainly want to give it more than one time. But on the other hand, I don’t want to keep putting a song in if people hate it..

    I was wanting to toss this one after 2 times, but apparently that was not the popular opinion…

    By the way, I’ve never heard it on the radio before either…

  3. worshipcity says:

    Man I wish I had joined this in it’s original discussion! I constantly have this discussion about all our new songs. Kevin brings up a good point but at our church if I’ve done a song 2x that means most of the people have only heard it 1x. Depending on where it is in the service and what Sunday and just the fact that people miss. So we do it several times before we make a judgement call on it.
    I think you ask the right question but for me, it’s not whether or not a song is singable as a worship song, as someone pointed out on the original post, it’s being sung by thousands of students! They must find it singable 🙂 But whether or not it’s singable and appropriate for my congregation? Does it fit with the style and make up of who we are? I have this debate over Crowder tunes all the time. I think as United becomes more and more popular and creating great songs for the church that the same discussion will be had over their music. It’s obviously praise and worship music, but is it for every church and congregation? That’s up to the worship leader/pastor to decide.
    That being said…I’m glad you decided to keep it. The song rocks!

  4. mandoron says:

    Thanks for chiming in Worship City. Good comments are never too late.

    Your comments are right on about Crowder. We had the same discussions several years ago when we first introduced No One Like You. My wife and a few others commented that it was too hard to sing along with. The lyrical timing takes a while to learn. Now it’s a favorite.

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