Underwear Attack!

Some of my family was in town this weekend. As on all such visits, the kids thought it would be fun to wrestle with Grandpa

The kids didn’t feel they were being very effective in their attack against the evil Grandpa Max, so they went to Jett’s bedroom to get their secret weapons – underwear!

I’m not real sure where they got the idea originally, but they love to put Jett’s underwear on their heads and pretend to be superheros…

I like how Jada’s hair is sticking out the leg holes.

Underwear Attack 1

You’ll notice that Jett is not only wearing underwear on his head, but he is also wearing a Red Power Ranger hood leftover from Halloween. Maybe it magnifies his super powers…

Underwear Attack 2

Has anyone else witnessed this kind of behavior in their children? Do I need to call Dr. Phil? Or maybe Super Nanny?


2 Responses to Underwear Attack!

  1. Buck Rogers says:

    I don’t think you need to worry about them having underwear on their heads…….as long as they are grabbing the clean ones, however the dirty ones have that power stirpe that has magical powers against evil doers.


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