Sunday Morning Experience recap

All in all, another incredible Sunday morning at GracePoint. I had the privilege of worshiping with my family, rather than playing in the band.

Bryson preached a great sermon about family relationships based on the story of David and his son, Absalom. This story serves as an incredible lesson in what happens when you don’t take care of your business. David had many, many opportunities to prevent things from getting as bad as they did. Instead, he did nothing. As a result, two sons ended up dead and a daughter was raped by her half-brother. I was really challenged to do more as a father and a leader.

A couple of comments on the music:

My dad was visiting from out of town, and commented about all of the new faces on stage. I hadn’t really noticed that. Other than Gil, everyone else had been playing/singing with Edge of Grace for less than a year. Some, only a few months. Very cool.

I don’t usually pay that much attention to the lights, but I thought David did a great job on the lighting for Set Me Free. As the song built through the bridge, the lights really added to the song.

During the offering, I’m sure several of you were thinking “I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song before.” Well, you probably hadn’t. Amy Brown wrote the song, and this was the first time that it had ever been performed in the Sunday service. It’s a great song.

Since the lyrics weren’t shown in the service, I thought I’d post them here.

When We Are Alone

When we are alone

And no one can feel what we feel at that moment

We’re not really alone

When all hope is lost

A deep sea has seemed to consume us

We’re drowning

Then I see Your hand It reaches out to me

You ask me to trust You

Surrender completely

Then all of the fear and despair will disappear

In the light of Your love

“Be not afraid,”

He says “I won’t forsake you or leave you

I will not let you fall from My hand

There is a place

Where we can go and all worries will vanish

Just give me your hand, I’m reaching out to you

I want you to trust me in everything you do

And all of the cares of this world will fade away

In the light of My love”

When we are alone

And no one can feel what we feel at that moment

We’re not really alone

(Just to protect her stuff, the lyrics to When We Are Alone are property of Amy Brown.)


3 Responses to Sunday Morning Experience recap

  1. Gil says:

    Wow – I hadn’t noticed that, either. I still tend to think of myself as one of the newer guys in the band. It never crossed my mind that I was actually the old guy out there this week – and by quite a bit, too.

    And I do feel bad that we didn’t somehow let people know that Amy not only played and sang that great song, but had actually written it as well. I’m not sure what would have been the right way to do that, but there certainly should have been some type of recognition.

  2. mandoron says:

    Gil, when you say “old” did you mean been around EOG a while or did you mean “grey-haired”?

  3. Gil says:


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