Reader Poll – Salvation is Here

Today, I had an interesting email discussion with Terry and several of the fine people of Edge of Grace.

The subject was the song “Salvation is Here” by Hillsong United, and whether or not it is a good song for congregational singing. In other words, is it easy to sing along with?

We’ve done the song twice now at GracePoint, and it’s time to decide if it’ll stick around or not.

In case you aren’t familiar with the song, here’s a video of Hillsong United performing the song.

So I’m posing the question to you, the reader…

Is “Salvation is Here” a good song for congregational worship?

Please leave a comment with your opinion. Also, please let me know if you are attend GP or another church, and if you are involved in the music at your church.

I’ll let you know my opinion in a few days, as well as the other comments from our discussion today.

Thanks for participating.


6 Responses to Reader Poll – Salvation is Here

  1. brianpjackson says:

    So before I give my opinion, tell me: does “being involved in music” at my church mean being in the band or on the Production Team? And does that involvement mean my opinion is more important, or less important?

  2. brianpjackson says:

    Never mind my earlier questions. Sometimes I get too caught up in the back and forth of blogging.

    I listened to the song. Even though I know it well. In my opinion, its a great one for worship. Definitely would be on my top 20 list. Which I could give you if you are interested. But first I will have to write it. It would have lots of Charlie Hall, Crowder, Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay, By the tree, Jennifer Knapp, Todd Fields along with Hillsong. I would also have some contemporary remakes of hymns… such wonderful theology there. Could we do Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing? That’s what I’m talking about… we are all different, aren’t we?

    But listen to me. You know what would be nice? If we got as excited about which mission project to do as we get about which song to sing.

  3. mandoron says:

    Brian, to your original question – I would give more weight towards someone’s opinion who was not involved in the music in any manner.

    Thanks for the comments.

    I’m kind of fond of Jars of Clay’s version of Come Thou Fount… on City On a Hill – The Gathering. Crowder’s isn’t bad either.

  4. I like how you picked the YouTube video with the thousand or so young people singing the song. Guess it is easy for them! If it helps I had 500 kids singing it at VBS last year too – and they can’t even read!

    I say we figure out a mission project in Australia.

  5. Michelle O says:

    I love Salvation is Here. Our former church had it on a regular rotation. We sang it as much as GP sings I am Free (meaning alot 🙂 It’s a singable song w/ great lyrics. It’s easy to understand and can be lead by both men and women. Just my opinion-

    If you get into hymn arrangements, obviously Passion has several great ones that would fit GP. But if you ever do Come Thou Fount, please listen to the one arr. by Gateway Church in TX. The best arr. yet. It’s definitely a keeper…

  6. mandoron says:

    Thanks Terry & Michelle.

    I’m kind of digging the idea of Come Thou Fount right at the moment. The lyrics are very powerful. I really like the phrases “melodious sonnet” and “prone to wonder”.

    I found the Gateway arrangement on Youtube. Very nice.

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