My top 5 leadership books

A blogger friend recently asked my wife and others for their 5 favorite leadership books. I thought it sounded interesting, so I figured I’d make my list even though he didn’t ask me…

In no particular order:

  1. Execution – The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, and Charles Burck
  2. Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni
  3. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  4. Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  5. The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner
  6. Good to Great by Jim Collins
  7. Deadly Viper Character Assassins by Mike Foster and Jud Wilhite

Okay so that was 7. Good to Great doesn’t really count since I never actually finished the book. And Deadly Viper Character Assassins doesn’t count since I listened to the audiobook…

The list is from memory. I may have to check the bookshelves in case I missed something else good.

What are your favorites?


2 Responses to My top 5 leadership books

  1. Thanks Ronnie. Didn’t mean to leave you out.

  2. mandoron says:

    No problem.

    I hadn’t really thought about listing my favorite books before. After reading Kevin’s post the other day, I thought I’d blog about it too.

    I hope you’ll be posting the whole list sometime.

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