Surfing the ‘net in O’Hare

As I mentioned in my previous post, Andrea and I are spending some extra time in O’Hare today.

Andrea’s taking a little nap and I’m surfing the ‘net at $6.95 per day.

Some of the cool stuff I’ve found:

  • Apparently this was on 60 minutes recently. Derek Paravicini is a musical savant. He’s severely disabled with very low intelligence.  But he can play anything on the piano that he’s ever heard once.  He can’t tell his left hand from his right, but he can replay and rearrange music on the fly! I highly recommend watching all of the videos!
  • Okay, so I actually read this yesterday. Elevation Church had a great post about the importance of good editing. My small group has struggled at times with some of the material coming from my church. It’s very distracting when there are typos, missing paragraphs, or something just doesn’t make sense. (The last small group guide was much, much better by the way.) I always try to read through my posts one more time before posting, but I’m sure stuff still slips through.
  • Here’s an interesting idea.  Have a retreat for the both the worship team and the productions team. At GP, we used to have a sound tech that was pretty shy and quiet. We were always on the stage, and she was always in the back behind the board. The band always felt bad requesting lots of monitor adjustments because we didn’t really know her very well.  A retreat would be a great opportunity to get to know all of the GP Productions crew better.
  • Why you should never make fun of bald-headed prophets.

That’s probably enough. Anything else will have to wait for Share-it Saturday.


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