Cancelled in Chicago

Andrea and I made it from Boston to Chicago with little fanfare this morning.

After trekking half-way across O’Hare to our next gate, our flight status suddenly switched from “on-time” to “cancelled”.  Apparently, they didn’t like the weather. Ifigured we were safe from cancelled flights since we were flying on United instead of American.

Our gate was right next to the customer service desk where there was a long, slow line of interrupted travellers.  Never have I been so happy to have a corporate travel agency.  One phone call (and a few minutes on hold) and we were able to get booked on the next flight at 8:40. I just walked up to one of the check-in desks with no line and got new boarding passes printed.

Much better than standing in line for an hour!

So it appears we’ll be hanging out at O’Hare for an extra 5 hours and 15 minutes. Hopefully, this flight goes through okay. 

Mama ain’t gonna be happy if she don’t get to see her babies tonight…


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