Our last night in Boston

I finished up with my leadership training at 3:30 today and headed out to meet up with Andrea, who had spent the day sightseeing again. She toured the Paul Revere house and strolled through the Boston Commons today.

We met up in Harvard Square (technically Cambridge, not Boston). Andrea had spent a few a hours waiting for me in a bookstore, The Coop, across the street from Harvard. At the front of the store, there was a huge display of books written by Harvard faculty and another large display of upcoming book signings.  They get a lot of great authors to come to the store. Location, location, location…

Harvard was a very nice campus. Nothing modern at all about the main buildings. I have to say that I expected the students to have a certain look about them. I was surprised that they looked like most college students – although I did see a professor wearing a bow-tie.  Maybe I should have gone down to MIT in a search for pocket protectors.

We stumbled across a pretty large “Free Tibet” rally in the Square.  No Olympic torches though.

We ate dinner at Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage, which is widely recognized as one of the best burger joints in America. Very quaint hole-in-the-wall. Great food.  The onion rings and sweet potato fries were top notch.  All of the gourmet burgers were named after famous people or pop-culture.  Andrea had the Condoleezza Rice burger.  As much as it pained me to order it, I had the Ted Kennedy burger with mushrooms and white cheddar.

I also had my first “lime rickey”.  I had no idea what one was, but it was plastered on the wall that they specialized in them. So I ordered one. Turns it was a fresh squeezed limeade.

I almost bought a Harvard Lacrosse shirt, but decided against it.  The Cheers shirt that Andrea bought me will have to do.

We’re headed home tomorrow. I’m very grateful that we’re flying United and not American. Can’t wait to see the kids!


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