Share-it Saturday, April 5

Hello good people of the blogosphere! Just wanted to share a few interesting things that I came across today.

  • Very funny blog if you like satire – Stuff Christians Like.
  • Newspring’s commercial for their latest series is simply hilarious. Protectile Dysfunction. Also, Tony is now warning not to call the toll-free number.
  • Seth Godin had a great post about “Getting vs Taking“. Kind of a “seize the day” thing.
  • Entertainment Weekly grades the first 8 episodes of Lost, Season 4.
  • The cool folks over at Deadly Viper are having a contest. Send them your best character assassin quote and win their book and DVD!
  • For Easter Sunday, Ed (media pastor at GracePoint) took footage from Linkin’ Park’s video for What I’ve Done and spliced it with footage from The Passion. The video played on the big screen while the band played the song. Ed then spliced in a little of the live video footage of Edge of Grace and posted it over on Youtube. Check it out. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get any good audio of the live performance so you’ll have to listen to Linkin’ Park…)

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