Band (a.k.a Worship Team) Practice

I feel compelled to recap last night’s Edge of Grace practice.

Several interesting things happened. Somebody broke a chair within a few minutes simply by touching it. He’s really very sorry Brad. (That’s not one of the interesting parts. I justed wanted to harass Terry a little…)

This Sunday will be the second time that we’ve done Hillsong’s Salvation is Here. There is a really tricky bass solo in the bridge that no one was expecting Jeff to try and pull off. I had told him to just wing something similar, but he absolutely nailed it. You know it’s good when Tommy (lead guitar) turns to watch and listen.

We salute you Jeff. Thanks for the hard work you put it in to learn that song.

The other cool thing, in my opinion, was a new song by Skillet, The Older I Get. We had planned on Nash singing the song, but quickly discovered that it was out of his range. In the past, we’ve had some awkward situations when the song and the vocalist didn’t mesh. One time in particular, we did it anyway. I’m sure there were people wondering what in the world we were thinking. I applaud Nash for jumping in and saying that it just wasn’t going to work. And I applaud the other musicians for chiming in with encouraging words. A situation that could have been weird, turned out to be a non-event.

Fortunately, we had a couple of potential new vocalists at practice last night – Katie and Andy. Andy stepped in, having never sang the song before, and rocked it pretty good. (So much for the audition process…) I’m sad I won’t be there Sunday to here it after he’s had a chance to practice.

I am so blessed to get to play and worship with some great people with incredible talent!


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