Share-it Saturday, Mar 29

Some miscellaneous things that I stumbled across this week.

  • Jeff has some great, ahem, tips? for selecting your next guitar rig.
  • In general, I plan to avoid blogging on politics; but this was just too funny to pass up. Hilary under sniper fire in Bosnia. I’m a huge fan of satire done right.
  • Victor posted a funny video about worship team tryouts. (Hey Terry, we need a flag corp on Sundays!)
  • This video is pretty impressive. It remains me of the old Michael Jordan/Larry Bird commercials for McDonalds.
  • Scott has a great post about creating a worship environment.

2 Responses to Share-it Saturday, Mar 29

  1. inWorship says:

    Hey thanks for the Pingback!


  2. Heh, thanks for the linky. Enjoy!

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