Chick rock

Lately, I’ve been looking for some new music for Edge of Grace. But I’ve been kind of specific in my search.

We have some incredible female vocalists in the band, but most of the songs that we’ve done over the years have been led by a dude. We’ve done some great songs with the ladies, but it’s probably a 15%/85% ratio overall. Or even less!

Based on the talent we have, I feel like the ratio should be closer to 50/50. But the problem is, we’ve had a lot of trouble finding great rock songs with female vocals. There’s simply far more great songs out there for the male voice.

So I’ve been on a search lately for some great “chick rock“. Songs that can hold their own against the other stuff we do.

After months of searching, I’ve compiled a list of 28 songs that I’m asking the band to listen to and give me feedback. Particulary the ladies.

Here’s the list. Let me know what you think. (And yes there are a few that aren’t really rock songs…


3 Responses to Chick rock

  1. No Superchic[k]?

    Seriously though, I have a hard time listening to female artist (even male artists) who don’t sing with an edge. It drives me crazy when singers are more concerned with singing “pretty” than singing with passion. Thankfully, most of the chick rockers get it right.

    I don’t know your church’s style, but would “Hosanna” by Hillsong United or anything from Watermark fit. Those are some good ones, even though they aren’t rock.

  2. AmyB says:

    Hmmmmm…. Hosanna by Hillsong? Don’t think I’ve ever heard that one before, nor mentioned it to anyone who does the songlists for Sunday…

  3. mandoron says:

    I downloaded Hosanna off Itunes to check out. Thanks for the suggestion Jeff.

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