Share-it Saturday, March 22

Stuff of note:

  • Kem suggests that maybe we (the church) need to chill and get out of God’s way.
  • has added the NIV translation. If you haven’t checked out YouVersion, you should. Pretty cool.
  • Edge of Grace has been considering going to click tracks someday. This makes me wonder…
  • A few weeks ago, I came across Deadly Viper which promotes radical integrity and radical grace for leaders. Their book, Deadly Viper Character Assassins is a kung-fu inspired book on leadership integry. You can download their audiobook for free. The blog is quite useful, as well.
  • I’ve been listening to Lee McDerment’s new CD, a Matchlight in the Dark. I’ve been listening to it a lot actually. Chris Elrod has an entertaining review of the CD. I can’t disagree a bit.
  • Check out this commercial. Pretty cool. I had to rewind it.

That’s all. Happy Easter! He is risen!


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