Too much pride?

Lately, I’ve really been struggling with pride.  Pride in my church.  Pride in what God is doing through my church.

I can thank Jarrod for getting me thinking about this subject.

In my humble opinion, I go to the coolest church in Wichita, GracePoint.  I’ve seen incredible things there. God has changed so many people’s lives.

But by definition, if mine is the coolest, then yours has to be somewhere lower on the coolness scale.  It’s hard for me to not think poorly of people who are embarassed by their churches.  It’s hard for me to not think poorly of churches that do so much less with so much more.

I think that this is all part of Satan’s plan for the church. If he can get Christians saying bad things about each other… If he can get churches saying bad things about each other… If he can get us to forget the Great Commission, and focus all of our energy on lesser things, then the church falls apart.

And so I pray for humility.  I pray for reminders that it is God doing great things through my church, not me.  I thank God for blessing me, and allowing me to be a part of the great things that he is doing at GracePoint

It’s not my church that is great; it’s my God that is great…


3 Responses to Too much pride?

  1. jarrodmorris says:

    I think that there is a huge difference in being prideful and having pride in something. I have pride in my church, but it would be prideful to say that my church is the best church on earth. Different churches reach different people, and God can use them all for his glory. I do think that all churches should be doing their best to reach the un-reached, and it does bother me when I see a church wasting what God has blessed them with. All in all, I think that churches should stop working against each other and start supporting each other. We should be proud when we see a church doing amazing things in the name of God. We shouldn’t be jealous when another church has more attendees than ours. We shouldn’t constantly compare our church to other churches in hopes of winning some imaginary “best church” prize in heaven. We are all here to love and be loved, and to spread His word. Let’s just take pride in that.

  2. Bryson Butts says:

    Jarrod, you are right on, man. I heard of a pastor in our city who on occasion drives into the parking lot of other churches that are near the one he serves and prays that God would bless them and that they would reach more people than his church does. I believe the more we bless and give away to help other churches the more God will honor and bless our efforts. We truly are on the same team.

  3. mandoron says:

    Jarrod/Bryson, thank for the comments. Sorry it took so long to respond. No internet access for a few days.

    You are both right on with your comments. Jarrod, I hope I didn’t infer that your post hinted at any negative feelings. It just started me thinking about this subject is all.

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