Package Excitement

UPS truck

Why do we get so excited when we get a package?

I’m not talking about mail. I mean a box!

Yesterday, I came home to a decent-sized box. I was so excited to open it. I knew what it was – a free gig bag for my Digitech multi-effects pedal. It was a promotional mail-in thing from when I bought the pedal a few months ago. It was just a little canvas bag. Not even anything that I could have fun with.But, I just had to pull it out and stick the Digitech pedal in it. Dinner could wait!

DHL logo

Lee McDerment’s new CD shipped Saturday from CD Baby and should be coming anyday. Even better than that, my new mandolin shipped today and will be here Friday.

Both the CD and the mandolin are way more exciting than a free gig bag. But opening these packages probably won’t be any more exciting…

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you get pumped when you find that package on the porch, or the UPS truck pulls up to your house? Let me know.

FedEx box


3 Responses to Package Excitement

  1. Buck N. says:

    You Got that Right Ronnie! At one point I was waiting for a keyboard that I had to send back to the parent company and I had been following the tracking, and this was before we had the nice tracking service like we get these days on the web, so I knew that I had seen the UPS truck in the neighborhood and sure enough, there was a note on the door saying, “Sorry we missed you, we will try again on the next business date.” Well, it was Friday so I jumped in the car and tracked him down and took care of business right then and there.


  2. terryjohnson says:

    Love the palm trees out front of your house…LUCKY!

  3. mandoron says:

    I can only wish. I’ve only got 2 pin oaks…

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