Props for Jarrett (a.k.a. Lazarus as told by a six-year old)

I had heard that Jarrett Griffin has been doing an incredible job of teaching the kids at GracePoint lately. Everyone in the KidzPoint ministry does a great job. But today I want to single out my man Jarrett, who despite being a big KU fan, is a really cool guy.

Yesterday at dinner, my wife and the kids were discussing all the incredible things that God can do.  Then my six-year old daughter, Jada, proceeds to tell us the story of LazarusIn great detail.

She told us about how one of Jesus’ friends was sick, but he died before Jesus went to see him. Everyone was mad at Jesus.  Even the “M&M sisters”. (That’s Mary and Martha by the way…) They made a mummy out of him. (Apparently they wrapped some kids up in toilet paper to illustrate the point!)

Then they put the man in a cave, and rolled a big stone in front of the door.  But Jesus came and told them to move the stone.  The man got up and walked out.  God can even make the alive again!

Andrea asked where she learned that story.  Jada said “Jarrett” told that story in church.

How cool is that!

Keep up the great work KidzPoint! The parents of GP are very pleased with what you are doing with our kids.  But more importantly, your Heavenly Father is pleased. May God bless your lives as much as you bless ours.

Any other great stories about how the kids ministry of your church has touched your life?


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