Worship Textfessional

I have to admit, I was a little concerned about this morning’s music. Thursday’s practice didn’t go so well. Probably the worst practice we’ve ever had. According to Fred, we weren’t the only ones.

But God chose to intervene as He usually does. Everything was pretty tight this morning.

“Jesus Paid It All” was a last minute add by the staff. This is the closest we’ve ever come to doing a hymn outright. Kristian Stanfill’s version is pretty good. But we chose to do it acoustic (piano, mandolin, and 2 guitars) and I was a little worried about it getting monotonous since there was no drums or electric guitar to give the dynamics. It turned out really well, I thought. I even got to do some lead fills and riffs which is normally someone else’s job. In fact, I played no rhythm on 2 of the songs today.

It’s my goal to play lead on more stuff someday, but I never find time to work on it enough…

The staff also added “God of This City” for the 3rd week in a row! A few weeks ago, I was really pumped about this song. I even blogged about it. I was worried about it getting stale this week. Boy was I wrong! GracePoint is launching a capital campaign to raise money for a building so we can move out of the middle school. The band played the song again today as people brought their commitment cards to the altar. It was really powerful! The people at GP really believe that God has greater things in store for the city of Wichita, and they are stretching their faith in order to be a part of it. Incredible stuff.

We really shook up the order of things too, which felt weird. But I guess it’s a good thing so we don’t get in a rut.

And lastly… I was too busy talking to Brian to hear the conversation about changing up the exit song for the second service. The rest of the band told me they had decided to exit to “No One Like You” which wasn’t even in the lineup this week. I knew they were joking, so I was all ready to play “God of This City” just like in the first service. I was quite surprised when Mags launched into “Can’t Stop”! I had to quickly take off the capo, and reset my pedals. Everyone got a big laugh when they realized that nobody had actually told me the real song…

The songlist, if you’re interested:

  • Take My Life by Jeremy Camp (Nash’s first time on lead vocals, and he did a great job!)
  • Can’t Stop by Leeland
  • Nothing Compares by Third Day
  • Jesus Paid It All by Kristian Stanfill
  • God of This City by Chris Tomlin/Bluetree

And that is my first Worship Textfessional.


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