Share-it Saturday, Mar 8

Happy Saturday everyone. Quite a mix of things today, but lots of interesting reading and viewing. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Men! Grab those brooms and get to work. The reward is great!
  • Interesting interview with new artist, NewWorldSon. Saw them live with the Newsboys last year. Awesome energy. Great music. I’m curious to see how they fare with such a retro sound. I particularly liked this quote: “We need to be celebrating beyond the physical walls of our church buildings and let other people see what we have that they might not have. Then the opportunity to tell our story, in our own words, will come. So the band’s ministry starts with dancing and partying, and ends with talking about yourself!”
  • A whole blog dedicated to free Christian music. How much better can it get???
  • Do you want to swim in an aquarium, or swim with the sharks in the ocean? Zack makes an interesting analogy between Christians in the Church and sharks in an aquarium.
  • P.O.D. to appear on Leno April 8.
  • I wonder if GracePoint will appear on this list of Innovative Church Buildings when our facility is finished in 2010.
  • Human Tetris. I couldn’t stop watching!
  • MandoRon is getting a new mando from the fine folks at The Mandolin Store. Should be here next week. Can’t hardly wait!

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