Shaking things up

The really smart (and willing to share their smarts) people over at Elevation have some great ideas on how to shake things up in your worship set.

We’re in sort of the same boat. Our typical “schedule” is four songs at the beginning of a service, an offering song, and an exit song. The exit song is usually a repeat of one of the earlier songs.

It’s way too easy to get in a rut. 1st song: high energy. 2nd song: high energy worship song. 3rd song: slow worship song. 4th song: more upbeat worship song with good sing-along participation. Offering song: something introspective that ties into the message. Exit song: repeat one of the earlier high energy songs.

We try to vary the greeting time. Add songs in the middle of the message. Etc… But the rut is always looming.

Any great ideas on how your church shakes up things?


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