My ipod is collecting dust lately… (a.k.a. Tuesday whining)

I recently received a promotion at work.  And like all such promotions, my workload increased and the number of meetings increased.  That’s okay, cause I’m really excited about the job.

But here’s what sucks!  I used to spend quite a bit of time at me desk on the computer everyday.  So, I got to listen to a lot of music and podcasts on my ipod.  Somedays, I’d listen to the ipod for 5 or 6 hours out of an 8-hour workday. 

Now I’m in a lot of meetings, or on the phone most of the time.  The ipod rarely gets turned on.  I’m really starting to miss the constant stream of music to my brain.  Plus, I’m several weeks behind on the Relevant podcast.

I’ve been trying to find some new songs for the gals in Edge of Grace to sing, but I’m really having trouble finding time to listen to new music.  I downloaded Leeland’s new album a week ago, and haven’t made it past the first song.  Fireflight’s new album came out today, and I am wondering if I should bother buying it.  Not sure when I’d get to listen to it.

Ok, I guess I’m just being whiny.  I should be grateful about the new job (and I am!) 

Maybe I need a new car stereo that I can sync my ipod to.  I’ll mention that to Andrea tonight, and we’ll see how far it goes.


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