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Several years ago, my wife and I each took a spiritual gifts test. Not surprisingly, hospitality was not one of our spiritual gifts. Giving, however, was a gift that we both possessed.

About two years ago, I felt God impress upon me that Andrea and I should take extra effort to bless the staff of our church, GracePoint. I had recently received a bonus from work, and we decided to use several hundred dollars of it to buy gift certificates for the church staff.

I had recently heard about someone who paid for their pastor’s membership to the YMCA every year. What a great idea! I was also inspired by all the stories from my brother-in-law, Shannon, who is a pastor. The first church that he served had incredibly generous people. People from the church were always giving him gifts like suits, food, gift certificates, etc…

I would assume that most people in full-time ministry are in the same boat. They hopefully have a very spiritually rewarding career, but are not necessarily financially rewarded – some televangelists excluded… They make far less money than their hard work and talent would earn them in the business world. In fact, a surprising number of GP’s staff quit their non-church jobs to work at GP. Some of them took huge pay cuts to do so. But I’ve heard them say that they’ve never regretted it.

A few days ago, God reminded me that Andrea and I weren’t doing our part to support those in ministry. Do you think God might be calling you to do more for the staff at your church?

Are you praying for your church stuff regularly? Andrea does, but I need to do more.

Do you thank them and tell them how much they mean to you? They endure a lot of criticism and live life under a microscope. A little pick-me-up goes a long way.

Do you have the financial means to bless the staff in more tangible ways? Here’s some ideas: restaurant gift certificates, book store gift certificates, department store gift certificates, tickets to the movies or a sporting event or a concert, an Ipod, a new laptop, annual membership to the YMCA, even a new car.

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2 Responses to Support your local bibleslinger

  1. Bryson Butts says:

    Thanks Ronnie for blessing our staff team. Since the team has tripled in size over the last year, I will pray for bigger bonuses for you! Seriously, the GP team is amazing. They are so much fun to work with and give everything they have to this great vision. I appreciate you sharing the need to show them appreciation because none of them are in this thing for the money! It really is all about seeing lives changed by Jesus Christ, and we have been seeing alot of that lately! I believe praying for your leaders is quite possibly the most important thing of all. We are in a spiritual battle, and want to make it the distance. It is so great to have leaders like you and Andrea lifting the GP team up and showing appreciation.

  2. mandoron says:

    Perry Noble has some excellent suggestions on when to pray for your pastor.

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