Songwriting (part 2)

In my last Songwriting post, I discussed a song that was inspired by a situation. The second song that I completed last year was inspired by a chord progression.

I was practicing a song for Sunday morning, when I mixed up the chord progression and strum pattern a bit to see what happened. For some reason, I really liked what I heard. I immediately realized that there was a song buried in there.

The chord progression is Am7 – G – D. But here’s the thing, I think it only sounds good on the mandolin. I can’t find voicings on the guitar that work for me. The second funny thing is that I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the chord progression. It worked great for a chorus, but you need verses too, right?

I talked with some of my friends who understand music theory better than I do, and didn’t come up with anything that worked. So I gave up and wrote a whole song where the chord progression and rhythm never vary. My previous songwriting efforts were marred by complexity, so I figured I’d go simple.

It’s called “No Longer Alone”. If you are insanely curious, you can stream or download a very basic recording with my rather pitchy vocals on my Virb page. (I’ve discovered that I have a knack for writing songs that are out of my range. Good thing I don’t fancy myself a singer…) (I’ve also discovered that I have a tendency to try to cram a lot of words in each line. More on that next time.) Someday, I’d like to go back and record some lead guitar/mandolin and bass with it.

It’s not going to sell any records, but I think it’s a fun little song that I can be proud of. Now if I could just get someone else to sing it…


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