Generous dreams

My church, GracePoint, is in the middle of the Unleash series which kicks off a 2 year building campaign.  Bryson and the staff have been talking a lot about generosity… about becoming generous Christ-followers who give freely to others. As Bryson says, “it’s about faith-raising, not building raising.”

The first Sunday kicked off with a reverse offering where everyone in attendance was given an envelope with $5 to $500 in it.  The only requirement was that you give it away to someone as an act of kindness.  As you can tell from the stories, it’s really got the church in a generous mood.  We’re all actively looking for unmet needs. You can also read on Bryson’s blog about some of the crazy stuff that God is doing.

This Sunday, special-guest Blake Aaron Guthrie sang a few songs for us. Blake mentioned to me before the first service that he’d lost his guitar stand nine months ago.  It occurred to me, that he needed the stand that I keep in my trunk more than I need it.  God can do incredible things through Blake with my guitar stand.  So after the service, I told him to keep it.  Without the Unleash campaign going on, I might not have recognized the opportunity to bless someone.

But here’s the really funny thing. Last night I was dreaming about mowing the front yard.  As I was mowing, I noticed how high my elderly neighbor’s yard was.  So, I mowed her yard too!  I’m even having generous dreams!

(Note:  I don’t really have an elderly neighbor; she was only in my dream.)


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