I want a water-walkin’ kind of faith – but what if I sink???

A couple of months ago, I was driving home from work complaining to God about a couple of things. I’ve complained frequently to him about these same two things for some time now.

This time, I think God got tired of my complaining. He asked me “who I thought I was to complain about what other people do (or don’t do), when I had no skin in the game myself?” He told me “to get out of the boat, and get some skin in the game.”

I didn’t really know what God meant at first, but I remembered that I had purchased a book last Summer by John Ortberg: “If You Want to Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat“. So I went home and started reading it. The book dissects the story of Peter walking on the water with Jesus. (You can read the story here on YouVersion – Matthew 14:22-33.)

I believe that God is calling me to get out of my comfort zone, and take on some new responsibility.

The first half was easy. I was offered a job promotion into a leadership role at work a few weeks ago. No more complaining about what others aren’t doing; now I’ve got to do it.

The second area of complaint is much harder. I’ve really been wrestling and praying and rationalizing over it. I read in Ortberg’s book yesterday that we have to get over the fear of failure if we want to walk on water. We can’t fear drowning. Fear of failure can paralyze us from reaching our potential, and being what God wants us to be.

I had an epiphany (or is it theophany in this case) that this is the biggest source of resistance for me. I’m afraid that people will discover that I’m not good enough if I fail. I’ve been rationalizing that I’m not talented enough to do something. Last night, I came to terms with the fact that I’m not talented enough. But God can overcome that and use me anyway. I need to stop being afraid of failing. Failure teaches us, it grows us, it mature us, it deepens our faith. Failure should energize, not paralyze.

Is fear of failure holding you back too?


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